phoca_thumb_DSC_7482_ctImage300x250AgroBrasConsult offers seminars for agribusiness operators and those just starting or thinking about starting new activities in Brazil, such as trade partnership or investments. Sessions may be held either in Brazil or abroad , and can be conducted in English, French or Portuguese. Programs and duration are defined according to our client’s needs and possibilities. Whether conducted in-person, online or by video conference, AgroBrasConsult can design and lead workshops to meet your specific needs.

Workshops and seminars can include, but are not limited to, the following topics:


• Investments opportunities in Brazil farm sector.

• Brazilian agricultural trade regulations.

• A comprehensive view of a specific Brazilian agriculture supply chain.

• Understanding the dynamics of grain and permanent crops production in Brazil’s different regions.

• What you need to know about Brazilian agriculture policy.

• How economic, public policy and other market-moving events can affect agricultural production in Brazil?

• How to identify business partners in the Brazilian Agribusiness industry?