Customized Studies


AgroBrasConsult consulting company helps to plan and implement successful strategic marketing. We provide a range of customized analytical studies in the following areas:

– Crop and agricultural inputs market analysis. These studies include all aspects of the business environment, market structure, economic indicators and trends, existing demand, business activity, competitors’ strategies, government regulations and support policies.

– Sourcing studies. AgroBrasConsult team achieves a precise diagnosis of sourcing opportunities, identifies and qualifies possible suppliers on the Brazilian market, negotiates with these service providers and provides operational follow-up of production and logistics while controlling associated risks. We help our clients to find out how to build partnerships with organizations at the agricultural level, including farmers, cooperatives and small independent suppliers, to discover the best tools and data for identifying high risk commodities and geographical areas.

– Competition studies. AgroBrasConsult team achieves a rigorous analysis of the existing and potential competitors’ activity, their strengths and weaknesses, possible mergers or acquisitions (M&A) with competitors. Studies cover all agricultural inputs, all grain or permanent crops and by-products.

– Investment attractiveness analysis. These studies provide a comprehensive view of a specific sector, from upstream (seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals) to downstream activities (food products, bioenergy, oil industry, sugar industry, animal feeds, etc…). We focus all aspects of the studied sector development dynamics and show the many challenges foreign investors have to deal with.

AgroBrasConsult constantly improves methods of data collection, processing and analysis. The company’s specialists make constant monitoring of various branches of Brazilian agriculture and linked activities creating updated database.